13 ottobre 2018

Italian American Media Center - Seeking a Place and a Patron in the US

A unique spot where you can find the most complete video collection on Italian American cinema, music, art, comedy and television. It seems unbelievable but there's no still a place like this in the entire land area of the US.

Not a boring center for media studies or a snobbish arthouse cinema but a living and friendly cultural place dedicated to the promotion of Italian culture in the United States.

Do you have a free public space and would like to become patron naming this place as a non-profit cultural activity?

As co-founder, I can offer my data base of 5000 items circa that has a value of $ 100,000. This data base consists of American and Italian videos that speak of the two countries: movies, documentaries, TV specials and shows, music videos, comedy sketches, commercials, and so on. 

The Italian American Media Center will be a place to make available this material to scholars, students, italophiles that living in the US.

My job will be to set up a rich calendar of cultural events during the entire year. Through movies, documentaries and TV shows, you can speak of cultural differences between the US and Italy with references to language, literature, music, comedy, art, architecture, food, design, fashion, tourism. 

If interested, we will study together a mixed offer (free and paid) for members tailored on the needs of your community and able to draw attention of domestic tourism with a mix of activities, including in addition to screenings: comedy monologues on culture shock, funny Italian lessons, winetasting and aperitivo, short music concerts, readings and conference-shows.

Send me a private email to ask for more details. 

Documentary filmmaker, mass-media historian and comedy writer. I have been working between the US and Italy since 2010, making documentaries and TV specials on behalf of main Italian TV networks involving history, show business, lifestyles and current affairs tied to the two countries. Recently I got an honorable mention for my first documentary in English in the Russo Brothers Italian American Film Forum 2018. My documentary In the Mood in Our Own Way - granted by the NIAF - explores the history and influence that Italians and Italian Americans have had on music in the United States for the past 200 years.

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