13 maggio 2015

Short resume for US market

 Luca Martera on the set of Sexual Radar

2018 Director doc on Italian American Music
Documentary In the Mood in Our Own Way promoted and supported by NIAF and Italian Sons and Daughters of America for the Russo Italian American Film Forum. 

2018 Host live documentary in the US
Live event about How Italian movies portrayed the US people. Winter tour between Italy and the US. 

2017-2018 Host live documentary in Italy 
Live event about How Italian movies portrayed the US people at Center for American Studies, Italian Parliament and PAN (Naples).

2017 Host live event "TV in the Italian and US movies" 
Live event on "How Italian and American movies portrayed the television" at Cinema Trevi in Roma. 

2016 Writer-Host "Family Guy"
Webshow "Family Guy Censored Lines from around the world and soundbites from Rhode Island".

2013-2016 Comedy Writer "Striscia la Notizia" 
I've been writing for three years for the most popular satirical Italian TV show seen every day by 7 million people. Italian director and comedian Ezio Greggio is the host, also known in the US for his movie spoofs with Mel Brooks.

2015 Writer-Director "Lupin III"
Documentary about the Japanese comic book hero "Lupin The Third".

2015 Mass-media historian
Creator of the Italian comedy map for "Link", on line magazine on new trends of worldwide tv formats.

2014 Consultant Exhibition 
Essayist about virtual exhibition "100 Years of Censorship in the Italian Movie Industry". 

2013 Writer-Director "Drive in"
Documentary "Drive In - 30 Years Anniversary" about the most popular variety comedy and satirical Italian Tv show of the 80's. 

2013 Consultant biopic Piero Manzoni
Historical consultant for the long feature documentary about Piero Manzoni, the first Italian pop-artist.

2012 Videocontest 2012: America decides
Finalist at the videocontest promoted by the American Embassy to Italy with video "Father Explains to his Italian-American Daughter How the US Elections Work Before Her First Time Voting". With Gregory and Shannon Clay. Directed by Daniele Della Valle and Luca Martera.

2012 Branded Web Show Italians Through American Eyes
Pilot of the branded webshow based on cultural differences between Italians and Americans and set in a Roman spa on behalf of Equilibrio Terme a Termini. Created by Luca Martera and directed by Daniele Della Valle. 

2012 Historical research on the most important Italian American in Italy
Research of investigative and historical journalism in the US Government Archives on behalf of Bongiorno Foundation about the most important Italian American TV personality Mike Bongiorno.

2011 The Magic Videobooth
Founder of ReCutUp (acronym for Record, Cut and Upload), the first franchise of video recordings at a low-cost assembly out of a booth where one can do business through videos. Business plan available upon request. In association with Miriam Brindisi, Chani Benjaminson, Giuseppe Cacace, Arimvideo Srl.

2011 Fiorello La Guardia and the Italian Pioneers
Author and Director of documentaries on Fiorello La Guardia and Early Italian Emigration in the US 1492-1892 on behalf of Rai 150 (Italian Public Television). Special thanks to Tony Lo Bianco, Mario Fratti, Anton Coppola, Joseph Scelsa (Italian American Museum, New York), Anthony Tamburri (John Calandra Institute, New York), Natalia Indrimi (Primo Levi Center, New York), Louis Tallarini (Columbus Foundation, New York), Michela Traetto (Garibaldi Meucci Museum). In association with GVG New York by Ippolito Leotta.

2010 Silvio Forever, the unauthorized Italian Prime Minister bio
Historical and archival consultant for the long feature documentary entitled "Silvio Forever". The film is an unauthorized biography on the Italian three-times Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, written by Gian Antonio Stella and Sergio Rizzo and directed by Roberto Faenza and Filippo Macelloni. Read more about my American projects on Silvio Berlusconi. 

2009 Tv Show Greatest Italians 
TV author and editing supervisor of "Il più grande", Italian version of the BBC format "Greatest Britons", aired also in the US on Discovery Channel as "Greatest American". For this work I bought footage on Italian celebrities (Cristoforo Colombo, Marco Polo, Padre Pio, Valentino Rossi, Enrico Fermi, Michelangelo, Caravaggio, Luciano Pavarotti, Giacomo Puccini, Laura Pausini, Sophia Loren, Sergio Leone, Luigi Pirandello, Vittorio De Sica, Riccardo Muti, Umberto Eco, Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Leonardo da Vinci, Enzo Ferrari, Giuseppe Verdi, Galileo Galilei, Guglielmo Marconi, Anna Magnani etc.) from Getty Images, NBC Universal, New York Museum of TV & Radio, INA (main French National Archive), German ZDF, Spanish TVE and English BBC-Channel 4.

2009 Indipendent Film Sexual Radar
Producer-Writer-Director of this surreal and grotesque comedy shot in Rome, starring American, English and Italian actors, that tries to answer the following question: “What would happen if a misogynist detective, specialized in firing employees, could hear other people’s sexual preferences and thoughts?". It's an independent low-budget movie shot in Rome in two months during the spring of 2009. Screened at Anthology Film Archives during the CineKink Festival in New York (March 2010).

2008 International Rome Film Festival 
Co-TV author with Federico Fellini historian Tatti Sanguineti and editing supervisor of "Ciak point", daily movie magazine on events, news, retrospectives and interviews with American actors and directors held by Antonio Monda (professor at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts).

2008 The "Italian Ambassador" of Neapolitan music in the world
Author and Director of TV Special aired on Rai (Italian Public TV) on Renzo Arbore, one of the most famous Italian entertainer and ironic ambassador of Neapolitan music in the world. He was also the talent scout of International movies stars such as Roberto Benigni and Isabella Rossellini.

2007 The Italian Satire history
TV Author. International Award for Tv Special on Italy's political satire history at Forte dei Marmi Festival in 2007 (Lucca, Tuscany).

2007 The Godfather of Shockumentary
MC of the soiree on the topic: "How Mondo-Movies have educated the Television" with Gualtiero Jacopetti, the Italian journalist who created the world newsreel, so called "Shockumentary", in the Sixties. 

2007 The Italian Social Guru
Author and Director of TV Special on Beppe Grillo, the most famous Italy's blogger - satirical comedian - social guru.

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