21 settembre 2012

Re-Cut-Up, the magic Video Booth

Make good videos first, then become popular.

ReCutUp - acronym for Record, Cut and Upload - is the first franchise of video recordings at a low-cost assembly out of a booth where one can do business through videos.

We envision ReCutUp as a modern version of the classic photobooth where the user can record his clip, be involved in the editing process, and publish his video, all in one place. In addition to that, we enhance and re-edit old videos or rough videos from smarthphones and we plan to offer home service via a travelling van available for recording and editing services in the comfort of one’s home, the ReCutUp Squad if you will.

Our ultimate goal is to launch ReCutUp everywhere, from airports to shopping malls, from subway stations to libraries in order to give the chance to everyone to create their own video at a reasonable cost.

We are looking for funding to testing the first video-booth as a joint venture. The first video-booth will be located in Mahnattan, in a central hub such as Barnes and Nobles, Macy’s, Rockefeller Center or Starbucks.

Business plan available upon request.

Luca Martera in association with Miriam Brindisi, Chani Benjaminson, Giuseppe Cacace, Arimvideo Srl. Rome - New York, 2011 © All Rights Reserved 
Mary-Louise Parker is in front of the Photo-Video Email Booth (from TV Show Weeds, September 16, 2012).
From the episode "It's my time", Weeds, 2012
Update: Recently, I was falling off the couch, watching the TV Show "Weeds". In the last episode entitled "It's time" (09/16/2012) and set in the near future, Mary-Louise Parker shows the Photo-Video Email Booth! Ok, maybe I'm not a misunderstood genius and maybe my problem was I didn't have a big time shark lawyer to represent me. So, here I am fellow investors from around the world!
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